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A documentary series by Wolfgang Bergmann (Running time: 3 x 45 minutes)


Part 1: German Communists in the Gulag
Part 2: Carola Neher - Cause of Death Unknown
Part 3: Comrade Stalin Didn't Know!

When Hitler took power, thousands of German communists and antifascists fled to the Soviet Union, to the 'Fatherland of the Workers'. The tragedy of German communism is that the overwhelming majority of these German communists were killed or went missing during Stalin's 'purging'. Under Stalin's regime, more of the leadership cadre were killed than under Hitler's. This fact was covered up by German communists and the documents were held under lock and key. Stalin has been dead for almost 40 years, but the German Communist Party has still not shed any light on the fate of their 'comrades' who fled to the Soviet Union. Only when Gorbachov opened the archives in the Soviet Union in 1998 did the German Communist Party begin to carry out - but still hesitantly -- this long-overdue duty. This is also the starting point of the film. For the first time it was possible to let the Gulag survivors, who were mostly forbidden to speak out in the GDR, report on their experiences and to journey with the camera to the authentic locations where the events took place in the former Soviet Union.

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