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The film follows the chronicle of the life of Hans-Peter Dürr. Hans-Peter Dürr is the director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Munich. He has annoyed and disappointed some of his academic colleagues because he has rejected the purity of basic research in favor of practically-oriented research into the question of the survival of mankind. For this he was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize in Stockholm in 1987. The film follows the chronicle of his life: His childhood in the Third Reich (he experienced the end of the war as a disappointed member of Hitler Youth), his studies in the USA with Edward Teller in Los Alamos, and his return to Munich and work with Werner Heisenberg. In the 80s, Dürr made a name for himself as an opponent of atomic armaments and the SDI program of his former teacher Edward Teller. At a discussion in Berlin in 1985, he instead demanded to know "Why, I ask myself, is it not possible to address the truly big challenges of our times? To include all the problems of protecting our resources, protecting the environment, the Third World, the world economy, including all unemployment, into one large research and development program?

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