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 In 1988, a small notice in the newspaper caught my attention: The only synagogue in Bavaria that was not destroyed or burned in the pogrom of 1938 is in Straubing, and inside was Torah that was saved by a citizen of Straubing.

After the war, it was returned to the Jewish community. During the initial research in Straubing, I came upon an abundance of evidence supporting the newspaper article. A member of the Jewish community confirmed receiving the Torah scroll, well-packed, after the war. A 90-year-old former policeman reported that he was sent to the synagogue after the pogrom to view the damage: A Torah scroll was no longer on the premises at that time. The film follows the trail of the Torah as far as the USA. A varied picture emerges of the attitudes of the citizens of Straubing concerning their Jewish fellow citizens, even in the present. Anti-Semitic potential has been recently incited by a "Straubinger Citizens' Action for Law and Order"

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